Daikin Air Conditioning FTXM25R Wall Mounted 2.5Kw

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High Seasonal Efficiency A+++ Rated
The new FTXM range is equipped with an advanced heating function to provide ideal comfort. When the Heat Boost mode is activated, the space is warmed up rapidly as the set temperature is reached 14% faster when compared with common air conditioners. Suitable for bedrooms, living rooms or small offices, the FTXM range is equipped with an infra-red remote control with a 7-day timer. The timer allows you to programme a 7-day schedule with 4 different actions per day. Alternatively, the FTXM can be controlled via smart phone or tablet using the “Residential Controller App”, Alexa or Google Home. The indoor unit is easily connected using the integrated WLAN PCB board. All units are fitted with 2-area Intelligent Eye sensors, which keep the room comfortable while ensuring running costs are kept to a minimum. About the Intelligent eye: If the sensor detects the room is empty, it will switch to economy mode to save energy then restarts when someone re-enters. When people are detected in the room the sensor will direct air-flow away from them. All units in the FTXM range are fitted with a Titanium apatite deodorising filter which eliminates odours from e.g. tobacco and pets smells. The Flash Streamer, which breaks down allergens such as pollen and fungal spores, provides better and cleaner air. Please note the Flash Streamer technology has not been certified for medical purposes.


Key Product Features:






Heat Boost Mode Compressor frequency is adjusted for a quick and comfortable heating start up so set temperature can be reached faster.
Flash Streamer Breaks down allergens such as pollen and fungal spores and removes odours providing better, cleaner air. The Flash Streamer is not meant to be used for medical purposes.
Intelligent Eye Sensor Reduced running costs by switching to economy mode when the room is empty.
7 day timer Set a full week of on and off-timings, allowing differences in schedule for week and weekends
Very low noise level Quiet operation means that the FTXM series is unobtrusive when operating.
Automatic airflow adjustment Can improve comfort levels as the unit will automatically match fan-speed according to room temperature.



Technical Data:


Indoor Units FTXM20R
Capacity Nominal Cooling                       kW 2.0
Nominal Heating                       kW 2.5
Seasonal Efficiency (EN14825) COOLING Energy Label A+++
Pdesign      kW 2.0
SEER 8.65
Annual Energy Consumption kWh 81
Seasonal Efficiency (EN14825) HEATING Energy Label A+++
Pdesign       kW 2.3
SCOP 5.10
Annual Energy

Consumption kWh

Nominal Efficiency                 EER/COP 4.57 / 5.00
Air Flow Rate (Cooling)   High / Nom / Low / Silent  m3/sec 0.185 / – / 0.100 / 0.073
Dimensions Height     mm 295
Width      mm 778
Depth            mm 272
Weight            kg 12
Sound Pressure (Cooling)       High / Nom / Low / Silent          dBA 41 /19
Sound Pressure (Heating)     High / Nom / Low / Silent        dBA 39  / 20
Sound Power (Cooling)        dBA 57


Outdoor Units RXM20R
Dimensions                          Height x Width x Depth          mm 550 x 765 x 285
Weight         kg 32
Electrical Details Power Supply 1ph
Running Current – Cooling     A 2.10
Max Fuse Size                            A 10
Interconnection Wiring         Core / Cable size 3+E  /  1.5
Piping ConnectionS Liquid / Gas     inches (mm) 1/4 (6.35) / 3/8 (9.5)
Pipe-work Maximum Length                      m 20
Maximum Vertical Rise            m 20
Pre-charged to                            m 10
Additional Charge                   g/m 20
Holding Charge                        kg 0.76
Sound Pressure (Cooling)     Nominal                                       dBA 46
Sound Pressure (Heating)     Nominal                                      dBA 47
Sound Power (Cooling)                                                                dBA 59
Operating Range (Cooling)   Min / Max                                   °CDB -10 / 50
Operating Range (Heating)  Min / Max                                  °CWB -20 / 24


Accessory Description:


BRC073                  Optional wired remote controller BRC1E53A style – Connection cable required

BRCW901A03     3m connection cable for BRC073

BRCW901A08 8m connection cable for BRC073

K.CGM                   Condensing unit guard size 42-71

K.CGS                    Condensing unit guard size 20-35

KLIC-DD                 KNX interface for Split type systems

KRP928A2S           Adaptor PCB for interface to Daikin centralised control systems

KRP413A1S           Adaptor PCB for remote on/off control – constant/pulse contact

RTD-RA                  Adaptor PCB for Modbus connection and/or extended system functions

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