Daikin Air Conditioning FTXP71M Wall Mounted Low Inverter Heat

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This is the latest in the series and offers users a flat panel design with high performances and great energy efficiency designed for comfort cooling and heating, i.e domestic and light commercial use. These indoor units are quiet in operation, the sound levels are as low as 20dB.

The Daikin air conditioning FTXP indoor wall air conditioning unit is equipped with an air purification filter with photocatalytic deodorising function. The filter is able to trap microscopic particles, to decompose odours, and even to remove bacteria and to deactivate viruses. The filter lasts for 3 years without replacement if washed every 6 months.

With sound pressure down to 20dBA the new FTXP operates almost unnoticed ensuring a good night’s sleep, the Daikin FTXP range is equipped with titanium apatite photocatalytic filters which removes airborne dust particles and decomposes the odours of tobacco and pets, for example. It also traps and even deactivates harmful organic chemical substances like bacteria, viruses and allergens to ensure you enjoy a steady supply of clean air. The FTXP range can be used in replacement technology installations which used R22 , R410A and R407C refrigerant pipe.

Includes: FTXP indoor unit, RXP outdoor unit and IR remote controller (complete system)

Product Key Feature’s:

  • High CoP, up to record 4.65
  • Infra-red controller with wall mounting bracket
  • Whisper quiet in operation down to 20 dBA
  • WiFi online controller available: control your AC from any location with an app, via your local network or internet (Daikin Air Conditioning Plug And Play BRP069A42 Wi Fi Adapter Controller)
  • Discreet, stylish front panel blends easily with the wall, and matches all interior décors
  • Seasonal efficiency values up to A++ in cooling and heating
  • Daikin outdoor units are neat, sturdy and can easily be mounted on a roof or terrace or simply placed against an outside wall
  • Outdoor units are fitted with a swing compressor, renowned for its low noise and high energy efficiency
  • Reduced height slim construction
  • Pipe runs up to 15 meters
  • cold draft prevention on heat pump start up
  • Fault diagnosis
  • Auto re-start after power interruption
  • PRE-CHARGED WITH REFRIGERANT for up to 10 metres pipe length

Product Technical Data:

Indoor Units FTXP71M
Capacity UK Total Cooling kW 6.93
UK Sensible Cooling kW 4.73
Nominal Cooling kW 7.1
Nominal Heating kW 8.2
Seasonal Efficiency (EN14825) COOLING Energy Label A
Pdesign kW 7.1
SEER 5.30
Annual Energy Consumption kWh 469
Seasonal Efficiency (EN14825) HEATING Energy Label A
Pdesign kW 6.2
SCOP 3.81
Annual Energy Consumption kWh 2279
Nominal Efficiency EER/COP 2.64/3.19
Air Flow Rate (Cooling) High / Nom / Low / Silent m3/sec 0.295/0.253/
Dimensions Height mm 295
Width mm 990
Depth mm 263
Weight kg 14
Sound Pressure (Cooling) High / Nom/ Low / Silent dBA 46/42/37/34
Sound Pressure (Heating) High / Nom / Low / Silent dBA 45/41/36/33
Sound Power (Cooling) dBA 62
Outdoor Units RXP71L
Dimensions                          Height x Width x Depth mm 734 x 870 x 320
Weight kg 56
Electrical Details Power Supply 1ph
Running Current A 11.94
Max Fuse Size A 20
Interconnection Wiring         Core / Cable Size 3+E / 1.5
Piping Connections                Liquid / Gas inches (mm) 1/4 (6.4) / 5/8 (15.9)
Pipework Maximum Length m 30
Maximum Vertical Rise m 20
Precharged to m 10
Additional charge g/m 20
Holding charge kg 1.45
Sound Pressure (Cooling)     Nominal dBA 52
Sound Pressure (Heating)     Nominal dBA 52
Sound Power (Cooling) dBA 66
Operating Range (Cooling)  Min / Max °CDB -10 / 46
Operating Range (Heating)  Min / Max °CWB -15 / 18
Air Flow Rate (Cooling)          Nominal m3/sec 1.122
ECA Eligible: Yes


BRC073 Optional Wired Remote controller: BRC1E53 style
BRP069B42 Wifi adaptor for connection to on-line controller
​​BRCW901A03 3m connection cable for BRC073
BRCW901A08 8m connection cable for BRC073
KCWB90-2 Condensing unit bracket – up to size 71, max weight 90kg of
ODU K.DT1 Condensate drip tray for use with Split ODU – tray width 800mm
K.CGS Condensing Unit Guard size 20-35
K.CGM Condensing Unit Guard size 42-71
KRP413A1S Adaptor PCB for remote on/off control – constant/pulse contact

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