Mitsubishi Heavy Industries FDT40VH/SRC40ZSX-W1 4.0kW 14,000btu R32 Heat Pump 4-Way Hyper Inverter Ceiling Cassette System

£1,373.40 (Including VAT)

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Key Features 
• Higher energy efficiency with new technology – New FDT can achieve high seasonal efficiency
• Quieter nose & improved aerodynamic performance of the unit – New technology has realised quiet noise with keeping capacity and comfort. A low noise is achieved by reducing the pressure fluctuation in an indoor unit – A fan guard attains both safety and quietness by flow
• Draft prevention panel (option) – Each of the 4 flaps can be controlled individually at each operation mode. They change air flow direction and prevent draft feeling. This new function also achieves more flexible control for air flow direction.
• Motion sensor (option) – New motion sensor (option) detects human activity. Energy saving control is achieved by shifting set temperature according to detected amount of activity
• Individual Flap control system – According to room conditions, four directions of air flow control systems. Flap can swing within an upper and lower flap range position within can be selected with wired remote control
• Suitable for high ceilings – The powerful blowout of ultra high tap carry comfortable air flow to foot even in high ceilings. It is ideal for high ceiling offices and stores, etc., with a wide, uniform air flow throughout the room
• 850mm Drain pump – Drain can be discharged upwards by 850mm from the ceiling surface
• R32 Refrigerant – Protect the planet by reducing the impact of climate change

    Contact us now to get a quotation?

    Contact us now to get a quotation?

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