Mitsubishi SRK20ZS-WB Wall Mounted Air Conditioning

£696.64 (Including VAT)

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The Mitsubishi SRK20ZS-WB is the smallest in the range, being rated at 2kw. These models of air conditioners and heat pumps use the latest environmentally friendly refrigerant gas. This specific unit can provide heating, cooling and dehumidification to rooms up to 20 square meters in size, so is perfect for bedrooms or small offices.  These units have a beautiful white and black contrast, making them perfect for any interior.  Not only do they look sleek, but they also include plenty of features.

Further Information

Model No        Pre-Charged to    Fitting Kit
SRK20ZS-WB      15 Metres           Kit 1

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    Contact us now to get a quotation?

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