Compact Cassette system 5.0kw R32 – Compact Cassette

£1,486.37 (Including VAT)

This range of four way compact ceiling cassettes allows the use of ceiling mounted cassette systems within small areas.

Fits within a 600 x 600 ceiling grid, four directions of air flow can be controlled by individual flap control. Six different louvre positions are available. 600mm lift drain pump is located within the unit.

When supplied with an ECO touch controller with weekly timer the system offers high efficiency and the ability to control each individual outlet louvre to eliminate drafts.

These indoor units can be used on a multi split system as an option.

Standard Features: Auto restart, 24hr on/off programmable timer, sleep timer, 7 day weekly timer, individual louvre control, lift pump for condensate and a knock out duct of 100 x 100 for fresh air makeup. Notes: Wi-Fi available as an accessory

The Diamond units offer the highest level of efficiency and feature state of the art inverter motors for maximum energy savings.


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Refrigerant R32
Max piping length 30 m
Sound pressure level cooling (high / medium / low) 47 / 42 / 36 dBA
Sound pressure level heating (high / medium / low) 44 / 40 / 35 dBA
Cooling capacity 5.0 kW
Heating capacity 5.4 kW
Power Consumption (cooling/heating) 1.4 / 1.53 kW
Power supply 220-240/1/50 V/Ph/Hz
Max height difference (outdoor is higher/lower) 20 / 20 mtrs
Sound pressure level (OU) 52 / 50 dBA
Dimensions (H x W x D) (OU) 640 x 800 x 290 mm
Weight (OU) 45 kg
Dimensions (H x W x D) (IU) 248 x 570 x 570 mm
Weight (IU) 16.5 kg
Max current 15,0 A
Refrigerant pipe size (I) 1/4 – 1/2 Inch
Refrigerant pipe size (M) 6.35 – 12.7 mm
Air flow cooling (low/medium/high) 9.0 /11.0 / 13.0 l/s
Air flow heating (low/medium/high) 9.0 /11.0 / 13.0 l/s


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    Contact us now to get a quotation?

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